RELX Key Visual Design


“来口悦刻,放松一刻。”“Relax with RELX.”是RELX悦刻品牌的中英文Slogan,loof为这家新锐电子烟品牌设计完成了一组配合其Slogan的平面视觉设计。在主视觉中,我们将RELX中的X作为核心元素提取出来,发展出一套兼具多变性与统一性的视觉体系,并灵活应用于各商业场景中。

RELX is one of the most influential and fast-growing electronic cigarette manufacturers in 2018. “Relax with RELX.” loof designed a series of graphics that coheres with this slogan. In the key visual, we extracted the “X” as the core concept and has developed a dynamic and unified visual system that can be applied to all kinds of business scenarios.

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