Hello 2019, Hello FUTURE


不知道从什么时候开始,每年都是一个新鲜事物的元年,比如2017年是人工智能的元年、2018是区块链的元年,在充满机遇、压力和“兴奋剂”的创业圈里大家主动或者被迫的定义着每个元年,那么2019年又是什么事或者物的元年?尤瓦尔·赫拉利用他的《未来简史》像巫师一样预言了一个看似没那么积极的未来,我们无法像他那样笃定未来的模样,但是我们试图把我们对未来的想象与讨论用图形表现出来,与你分享,与你交流。Hello 2019,Hello FUTURE。

It is unlikely that we can keep track of all that's happening every year, but every year is the Year One of some new born things. For instance, 2017 is the Year One of artificial intelligence and 2018 the blockchain. In the circle of startup companies which is full of opportunities and excitements, the “Year Ones” are being either actively or passively defined by people at all times. What is to be expected in 2019? In Yuval Noah Harari’s A Brief History of Tomorrow, like a wizard he projects a future that doesn’t seem optimistic. We are not as convinced of the future like that as he is, but we are trying to illustrate our imaginations and discussions of the future in the form of graphics. We are willing to share them with you and communicate with you. Hello 2019, Hello FUTURE.

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