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Velodyne LiDAR是全球雷达行业的领先者,在全球无人车雷达市场占据重要的市场地位,并于2017年在北京成立亚太办公室。
loof为Velodyne LiDAR提供全方位的品牌形象落地以及视觉升级服务,完成了其本地化的宣传物料执行,包括展会、新媒体宣发、礼品开发、办公用品等设计。

Velodyne LiDAR is a pioneer of the world radar industry, and has played an important role in the autonomous vehicle radar market. In 2017, Velodyne opened its Asia Pacific Office in Beijing.
We remolded Velodyne LiDAR’s brand identity, upgraded its existing visuals and has materialized its local publicity by carrying out the brand’s events, new media accounts, merchandise and office supply developments.


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