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loof sans 是loof工作室自主开发的一套用于宣传与推广的英文字体。我们的设计初衷是创造具有趣味性的现代字体,于是我们从“loof.design”标识的两个“o”的形状入手进行设计,使loof sans同时兼具两种字型,多边形与圆形的字型组合也为观者带来层次丰富的视觉体验。

The English typeface loof sans is developed by loof for its own promotion. Our motivation is to create interesting and modern typography. So we started with the two "o" shapes which come from the studio's logo. The combination of polygons and circles makes loof sans has two typography at the same time, bringing various visual experience.

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