Lost Lunar Baedeker
Turn to silver calm
Art Direction
Product Design
2020年末,LUNA推出的新年礼物周边主题为Lost Lunar Baedeker,主题灵感来自于英国诗人Mina Loy的诗集《THE LOST LUNAR BAEDEKER: Poems of Mina Loy》。 我们设计开发了产品(徽章)与包装。基于月球生命活动影响地球气候与生物的幻想设定,一套名为Lost Lunar Baedeker的徽章从月球附近的陨石环带被发掘,记录了有关月球影响地球气候、季节、生物的研究。
At the end of 2020, the theme of LUNA's New Year's gift periphery was Lost Lunar Baedeker, which was inspired by the poetry anthology "THE LOST LUNAR BAEDEKER: Poems of Mina Loy" by the British poet Mina Loy. We designed and developed the product (badges) and package. Based on the fantasy setting of the lunar life activities affecting the earth's climate and biology, a set of badges named Lost Lunar Baedeker was excavated from the meteorite ring near the moon, recording the study of the moon's influence on the earth's climate, seasons, and biology.
Turn to silver calm
Lost Lunar Baedeker希望以精致细小的饰品为媒介,将一点关于宇宙的浪漫幻想引入无趣的日常生活。
According to the Lost Lunar Baedeker, we were required to introduce a little romantic fantasy about the universe into the boring daily life through the medium of delicate and tiny accessories.
The balm of the golden moonrise
The twelve badges corresponding to the months also represented the close relationship between this near-Earth object [the Moon] and the earth/human beings.
Pack the light
The packaging of the badges adopted the most widely used transportation packaging material on earth in the 21st century. It is complicated with silver pressed.
Published in 2021
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