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18世纪中期,“blue devils”的骚扰被认为是造成情绪低落的主要原因,blue从此成为忧郁焦虑的代名词。“Blue Monday”是另一种常见的社会情绪。当周末结束,新的工作日开始时,人们产生四肢乏力的焦虑感。
In the mid-1800s, depression was thought to be caused by harassment of the ‘blue devils’. Subsequently making the word blue synonymous with anxiety and melancholy. For instance, one of the common social anxieties is referred to as Blue Monday, when weekends are over and people resent the start of a new workweek, they struggle to feel motivated and may even experience physical fatigue.
Blue new year So blue typeface
我们以“i am so blue”为主题,进行一系列的设计实验。借用冷笑话式的文字游戏解构焦虑,重新演绎令人高呼“我好难”的生活瞬间,关爱你的脑前额叶与血压健康。
We experimented with an array of design concepts surrounding the theme, “I am so Blue.” We deciphered the issue of anxiety with witty wordplay and deadpan jokes to encourage our audiences to revisit those life moments when they felt particularly helpless and be reminded, that once in a while, to take a moment to breathe.
Blue moment collection
我们每天都要面对不同的焦虑,希望blue calendar能在每一个工作周,带给你不一样的心情,陪伴你度过无惧焦虑的一年。
We have to face different anxiety every day. I hope that the blue calendar can bring you a different mood every working week and accompany you to spend a year without fear of anxiety.
Published in 2020
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