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So Acai 成立于2017年,是国内率先以 “超级食物”为核心的健康食品品牌。她们始终采用天然安全食材优选保存营养的工艺,坚持清洁标签,专注提供无添加、高营养的健康食品,让更多人爱上根植干净营养的健康生活方式。
Founded in 2017, So Acai is the first health food brand in China that centers on "superfoods". They always use natural and safe ingredients to preserve the nutritional process, adhere to clean labels, focus on providing additive-free, highly nutritious health food, so that more people love a healthy lifestyle rooted in clean nutrition.
从So Acai开始健康生活
Start A Healthy Life with So Acai
基于So Acai品牌形象与品牌理念,我们需要为其搭建起给人以轻松自然的阅读感受,让读者能静下心来细细体会品牌魅力,感受到So Acai想探寻的干净营养的生活方式。我们通过段落、图像和空白之间的对比度和节奏传达了品牌认真严谨的出品态度,通过有肌理硬挺的封面纸和柔软轻薄的内页纸传达品牌理性又不失天然的品牌调性。
Based on So Acai's brand image and philosophy, we needed to create a relaxed and natural reading experience for So Acai, so that readers could take a moment to appreciate the brand's charms and feel the clean and nutritious lifestyle that So Acai wants to explore.
Get more people to fall in love with a clean and nutritious healthy lifestyle.
Published in 2023
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