Live with the DIYYA Aesthetics
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Design Strategy
以感性美学为基调,打造日常生活的时尚感。 Live with the DIYYA Aesthetics是品牌的主打理念, DIYYA旗下有自主开发的美妆系列产品以及生活方式分享平台。
Create a sense of fashion in daily life based on perceptual aesthetics. Live with the DIYYA Aesthetics is the main concept of the brand. DIYYA has a series of independently developed beauty products and a lifestyle-sharing platform.
Young fashion & Perceptual aesthetics
The color system is primarily based on a vivid color tendency, and enriches the brand mood by matching similar colors and contrasting colors.
Live in DIYYA Share the beauty
To express the young and pioneering style, the visual system is set based on the layout of large-scale surface segmentation and arranged with graphic elements and text information. The visual experience is oriented by sharpness and clarity.
Live with the DIYYA aesthetic
Vitality and passion are the genes of DIYYA. In the future, the brand will continue to express its ideas, share DIYYA Aesthetic viewpoints, and create a diverse and integrated community.
Published in 2021
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